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School Protocols  

General discipline for students :

  • Bring his/hr School Diary to the school everyday.

  • Come to the school clean, well groomed and in proper uniform with polished shoes.

  • Remain regular in attendance and never come late to the school.

  • Attend morning prayers and other school activities.

  • Bring all the text books and the writing materials required for the day.

  • Ensure that his/her name, class, subject, etc. are marked on his/her books, exercise books, tiffin box , water bottle, etc.

  • Be ready to pick up good habits and shun bad ones; learn the social manners and prepare himself/herself for healthy citizenship in a democratic society.

  • Participate in sports; learn sportsmanship.

  • Remember that the school  is run for his/her improvement and growth. He/she should always be willing to respect its discipline and rules framed for the purpose.

  • Look after the property; help to keep it clean and avoid all pencil/ink marks on the walls and furniture.

  • Keep his/her class room clean; throw waste paper on to the waste paper baskets only.

  • Insist on his/her parents to sign his/her school diary daily and also the examination report card within three days of its receipt.

  • Observe complete silence in the library and follow library Rules.

  • Bring bus pass .identity card regularly and follow safety rules properly.

  • Not bring valuables like costly watches and gold ornaments to school.

  • Be ready to lend a helping hand at home to parents , brothers and sisters and at school to teachers and companions.

  • Obey house prefects. Class monitors and other students on duty.

  • No leave from school during working hours unless the authorized person whose signature, certified y the parents in the diary, comes  in person to make the request.

  • Cultivate at least one hobby and participate in at least two co-curricular activities in a year.

  • Play at least two games and learn all their rules.

  • Analyse and make a detailed study programme for himself/ herself.

  • Take help from teachers to learn his/ her lessons well.

  • Read the whole question paper carefully, think and then start writing & follow the examination rules properly.

  • Be courteous, respectful to parents, teachers & other school staff, visitors.

  • No rowdy and rude behaviors are allowed by the students.

  • The school reserves the right to suspend or take strict disciplinary action against a student whose conduct is harmful to other students or to the school.

  • Students must not miss any teaching/ games / library/ activity periods.

  • The observance of rules of discipline of the school and good behavior is an essential condition to student’s continuance in the school. In case students violate the school rules or indulge in any form of in discipline, strict action like expulsion/restriction /suspension shall be taken against the students.

  • Don’t hesitate to contact the principal, if there is any difficulty.

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